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screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-9-39-29-amDecember 30th, 2016 

I had written like 70% of this article months ago. It had been part of a different article I’d written back in October about the war in Syria, but I took it out for a variety of reasons before the election. I wasn’t always set on publishing it to be honest. But I thought it timely as we are not just reflecting on 2016 this New Years, but the end of eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency…Continue Reading


screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-9-39-38-amOctober 3rd, 2016

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a war going on in Syria which has killed almost half a million people since 2011 and has created the world’s worst refugee crisis since World War II. The war in Syria will be the most significant foreign policy challenge that the next US president will face, yet it has barely been discussed in the 2016 Presidential race outside of who to blame for creating ISIS…Continue Reading


screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-9-39-47-amApril 21st, 2016

I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to write this article because it’s a very sensitive subject for many people. I ultimately decided to write it because I thought it was interesting enough that it may make you think a little deeper about the events happening around you, especially if you found yourself doing a lot of deep thinking yesterday…Continue Reading




March 17th, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is one of the most important, yet least understood issues of the 2016 election so far. Despite how long the media has been covering it, I don’t think most people really understand what’s going on. Almost everyone I know is genuinely unsure of what exactly she may have done wrong, and as a result are more willing to accept the scandal as nothing more than a partisan, or sexist, effort to bring her down…Continue Reading